Bank Statement Analysis

Fin360 – Bank Statements Analysis Software is now powered by is a data analytics company that gathers and analyses financial bits of information for meaningful insights. Fin360 uses machine learning and AI to analyse bank transaction data at scale and serves a number of FinTech companies and banks for their advanced credit analytics needs via a scalable API and UI


Fin360 – Bank Statements Analysis Software
Bank Statements Analysis Software
Fin360 – Bank Statements Analysis Software
  • Lending – Financial Institutions of all types that disburse loans are greatly benefitted by our software. It helps them understand the borrower’s past financial behavior and automate the loan decision-making process, saving the underwriter’s time and effort
  • Tax-Filing – Online tax-filing tools have found great use of this software. Instead of uploading information such as bank statements to the tax platform, our software can automatically read the relevant information from the customer’s bank account. This makes the process automated, fast and streamlined.
  • Accounting – Accounting software providers can get all the relevant customer information directly from bank statement making the task quick and easy
  • Personal Financial Management – Businesses providing financial planning or personal financial management services such as budget management will find this software useful to track income and expenses directly from a customer’s bank account