Credit Assessment

Fintech Labs has created one of the most advanced credit rating and scoring software available globally

Our Credit Rating Software is built to evaluate hundreds of different behavioral and demographic factors in a matter of seconds and automate the task of loan decision-making.

In the competitive lending industry, vast amounts of internal and external data needs to be scrutinized in a short amount of time before a loan decision can be made. Our technology has been designed to make this process efficient, quick and smooth for lenders.

Our system takes credit inputs from both internal and external sources as well as past history to arrive at a score. We have tied up with internationally renowned credit bureaus to obtain running credit reports. This combined with our proprietary internal risk scoring leads to automatic decision-making that eases the burden on the underwriters.

statistics diagram on tablet - FintechLabs
  • GUI-based multiple score card internal risk scoring software
  • Each of the score cards have multiple parameters that assign a weighted score
  • Running credit reports from credit agencies
  • Scores based on internal history with the lender
  • System warning in place for borrowers deemed high risk (based on IP address, cookies)
  • Social profile of borrowers provides input

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