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Banks today are facing a changed financial landscape – on one hand catering to the needs of digital-savvy customers and on the other, increasingly competing with fintech disruptors far nimbler, leaner and agile.

To continue to grow and expand, they need to significantly amp up technology by getting rid of slow, cumbersome legacy systems. FintechLabs provides banking software solutions that provide rich automation features that reduce manual intervention, make processes seamless and fast and result in increased customer satisfaction.

We pay very high attention to data security and ensure compliance with the central bank regulations of your country so partnering with us makes your compliance pressure automatically easier. Our solutions are customizable, scalable, flexible and API-based so they can be integrated smoothly with your existing banking systems, either in parts or in whole.

FintechLabs offers the following products for banks

Lending Management Platform

FintechLabs has emerged as a leading global Lending Management Platform provider due to its highly customizable product, modular API-based approach that can integrate with many systems and a superior credit rating process.

We provide the world’s first Loan Management Software – As – A – Service so lenders can go live in as little as three days with our system and full support. Compare this with 1-3-month timeframe required with other software providers and think of the value of being in business for an extra 3 months!

Bank Statement Analysis

FintechLabs is bringing about a revolutionary change in the manner in which loans are processed by banks and lenders – our software has the ability to read statements of nearly all major banks globally.

This dramatically reduces the workload of an underwriter in understanding a customer’s financial behavior and thus determining loan eligibility. The entire process is automated, resulting in significant cost and time savings and happier customers.