Online Lenders

The backbone of a successful lending business is technology that is agile, seamless and cost-efficient

The online lending industry has seen explosive growth in recent years. By 2015, online lenders had disbursed an estimated 1 million loans worth nearly $12 billion, mostly to small businesses and consumers. Some forecasts peg the size of this industry to reach $1 trillion by 2025.

Whether you are an existing financial institution (NBFC)/traditional lender looking to expand your business online or a new entrant in the online lending space, what remains key is getting the business model and infrastructure right to differentiate your venture from the other players in your market.

You need technology that is cutting-edge, scalable and flexible to grow with your business. Time to market is absolutely critical in this business and partnering with a technology provider that can get you up and running in 30 days could get your online lending business off the starting blocks miles ahead of competitors.

Lending Management Platform

FintechLabs has emerged as a leading global Lending Management Platform provider due to its highly customizable product, modular API-based approach that can integrate with many systems and a superior credit rating process.

We provide the world’s first Loan Management Software – As – A – Service so lenders can go live in as little as three days with our system and full support. Compare this with 1-3-month timeframe required with other software providers and think of the value of being in business for an extra 3 months!

P2P Lending

FintechLabs provides P2PForce, a globally known mature software for P2P lending that can be customized completely to fit your needs. It is based on APIs so it can be easily integrated with other systems, either in parts or in whole. The software covers all types of loan products – personal loan, home loans, commercial loans, real-estate financing, loans against collateral or invoice financing.

P2Pforce come pre-built with a front-end user interface, a feature offered by very few marketplace lending software providers. Even at the backend, the interface is ‘eye-pleasing’ for administrative users with well-thought and designed input fields. Our software is competitively priced in comparison with global players.