Lending Management Platform

In today’s fast-changing financial landscape, lenders are looking for modern, technologically superior loan management systems that automate key processes. The need of the hour is for systems that are flexible, scalable, fast and agile, while being cost efficient.

P2P FORCE - FintechLabs

Automates key processes such as loan origination, credit rating and loan repayment to make them much more efficient

Marketplace Lending Software

Increases scalability and reduces timelines, particularly important for small lenders

P2P FORCE - FintechLabs

Handles loan recollection process intelligently and makes it agile and efficient

FintechLabs has emerged as a leading global Loan Management Software provider due to its highly customizable product, modular API-BASED approach that can integrate with many systems and a superior credit rating process.

Our software gives you the wings to grow your business and innovate in your loan processes as the agile technology keeps step with changes. Want to execute a new idea? No problem, our technologically will make it possible in as little as a month.

What Makes Our Solution Unique?

  • We provide the world’s first Loan Management Software – As – A – Service so lenders can go live in as little as three days with our system and full support. Compare this with 1-3-month timeframe required with other software providers and think of the value of being in business for an extra 3 months!
  • API-based modular software that can be integrated into any system easily and can be used either in parts or as a whole. It is customizable to fit the processes of different lending platforms/lenders depending on the type of products they offer.
  • Bank Statement Analyzer, an intelligent solution based on AI is the first of its kind product in the market.
  • Highly automated product with features not present in other software systems in the market. It makes the loan management process highly efficient, flexible and easy to manage.
  • One of the most advanced credit rating and scoring software available globally

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