Loan Management

Our Loan Management Module keeps you in control with a full view of all loan applications and regular reporting

Loan Management Module - FintechLabs

The Loan Management Module has been designed to provide an over of all loan applications at anytime so you can track the status of loans whether they are pending approval, approved, rejected, due, paid or even defaulted.

The loan applications can be flagged as per your internal processes and categories. This module is also used for rescheduling a loan, managing early payments or adding other loan products. Our clients use the loan management module to track whether the loan repayment is happening on time.

It helps you manage your loan prducts. Add any kind of loan product with any interest type, flat rate, rolled back, reduced principle, etc. For each loan product you can define the set of questions you want the applicant to answer and the set of documents you want the applicant to upload.

Our software automatically reports back to the external credit bureau. In some regions, such as South East Asia and India, the reporting to the external credit bureau happens manually via excel spreadsheets. Fintechlabs loan management module automates the process resulting in increased speed and efficiency.

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