Our Story


Vishal Sahu and Vipul Rawal, technologists with a background of setting up disruptive fintech startups, took a deep look at the lending space and concluded that lenders looking to grow or get online have several challenges. So they set about solving this conundrum in a holistic manner, and the result was an innovative startup called FintechLabs.

They have built world-class software solutions that solve all the core challenges of the lenders and yet provide the flexibility to approach it in a modular way, to fit lender needs as they see best.

FintechLabs offers loan management software, P2P lending marketplace software, bank statement analyzer and ID proof verification software. The founders’ shared vision is one of global financial inclusion, both with penetration of existing financial products and development of new ones to reach a much wider audience through technology.

FintechLabs is a team of 25 technologists, all of us wear many hats but like to think of ourselves as coders first. The ethos of customer service is palpable in every interaction with our startup. We truly believe that our growth is possible only when our clients grow and do everything possible to deliver not only the best solutions but also the best service in the industry. When not coding, we can be found trekking and camping. We like to celebrate all our achievements and happy moments by cutting a cake.