Our Team

Vishal Sahu – Co-Founder

Technology & Innovation

Vishal has over seven years of experience as a lead developer and architect in various Fintech startups, most recently as CTO of a VC-backed crowd financing platform in Europe.

Writing code and watching it live in action is his passion. He got introduced to fintech 4 years ago and since then has developed various fintech applications. Vishal started a P2P lending venture in Europe but soon realized that his vision is one of global financial inclusion and he co-founded FintechLabs. Vishal loves to travel and when not working, he is out exploring new horizons

Vipul Rawal – Co-Founder

Sales & Marketing

Vipul has over 4 years of experience in business development and marketing for an edutech and a foodtech startup. He also cofounded a foodtech venture called BakeryBite. Vipul understands technology and business equally well. He is a blockchain enthusiast who envisions a world where most people who currently have no access to financial products are serviced through technology.

Vipul has always been fascinated with entrepreneurship and risk-taking, leading to his varied experiences with many ventures at a young age

Julian Kaljuvee


Julian, a Harvard Alumnus, is a Fintech consultant with over 15 years of experience for leading global institutions such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, UBS

Monika Kochhar


Monika is an entrepreneur, and her interests lie at the intersection of digital commerce, fintech, design and consumer experience. She is excited by the transformative power of new forms of commerce, alternative lending, blockchain and digital payments. She is the CEO of SmartGift, a product level gifting technology for ecommerce.