Our Team

Vishal Sahu – Co-Founder

Technology & Innovation

Vishal has over seven years of experience as a lead developer and architect in various Fintech startups, most recently as CTO of a VC-backed crowd financing platform in Europe.

Writing code and watching it live in action is his passion. He got introduced to fintech 4 years ago and since then has developed various fintech applications. Vishal started a P2P lending venture in Europe but soon realized that his vision is one of global financial inclusion and he co-founded FintechLabs. Vishal loves to travel and when not working, he is out exploring new horizons

Vipul Rawal – Co-Founder

Sales & Marketing

Vipul has over 4 years of experience in business development and marketing for an edutech and a foodtech startup. He also cofounded a foodtech venture called BakeryBite. Vipul understands technology and business equally well. He is a blockchain enthusiast who envisions a world where most people who currently have no access to financial products are serviced through technology.

Vipul has always been fascinated with entrepreneurship and risk-taking, leading to his varied experiences with many ventures at a young age