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Peer-to-peer lending is the phenomenon of online lending brought about by platforms that match borrowers directly with lenders. It is gaining traction and expanding rapidly to new product categories because it offers an improved experience and passes on the benefits of using technology to borrowers and lenders. P2P lending has emerged as one of the hottest industries in fintech with a fast growth track and billions of dollars generated in loans every year.

A successful P2P lending platform has, as a foundation, flexible and efficient technology that allows them to exceed borrower and lender expectations.

When looking to enter this market, most players are grappling with four key questions when it comes to Technology:
How quickly will I be able to launch?

How cost efficient will the technology behind the platform be?

We are financial experts not tech geeks. What tech knowledge will we need
Will what I buy or create today be able to handle the demands of tomorrow?

P2PForce Can Be Customized Completely To Fit Your Needs
  • API-Based: It is based on APIs so it can be easily integrated with your existing systems
  • Front-end User Interface: P2Pforce comes pre-built with a front-end user interface, a feature offered by very few marketplace lending software providers. This is a huge convenience as the platform does not have to spend time and resources building a frontend. Even at the backend, the interface is ‘eye-pleasing’ for administrative users.
  • Cost-Efficient: Our software is competitively priced in comparison with global players. It offers a better user interface and more sophisticated features but only at a third of the price of other providers.
  • Flexible & Scalable: Our infrastructure is built from the ground up to ensure that the technology is scalable and flexible, allowing you to expand, diversify and change with your business needs.
  • All Loan Products: The software covers all types of loan products – personal loan, home loans, commercial loans, real-estate financing, loans against collateral or invoice financing.
  • Cloud-based: Being cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere with a web browser. The servers are hosted within your country. We pay very high attention to security and go to extraordinary lengths to make sure your data is 100% secure.

FintechLabs P2P Lending Software Provides 5 Modules

Launch Your P2P Lending Platform In 30 Days - Learn How

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